Juju Hats

Juju Hats - A piece of Art

Our group of artisans have been creating these beautiful feathered headdresses known as Juju hats for more than 30 years. We carry a varied range of these wall decor feather headdresses. Each one is hand made by up-to three artisans and the entire process can take several days to complete. The intricate design of every hat is the result of this painstaking process. Feathers are sewn onto wood sticks and a tight rattan base and covered in the back by recycled cloth. The result is a piece of art that unfolds into a spectacular display of vibrant feathers.

Because each Juju hat is hand made, there will be slight variations in size and color. This means that every juju hat we sell is entirely unique, reflecting the generations of tradition woven into each piece.

Our Juju hats are available in Small, Large and Extra Large sizes. Our most popular size is the Large which is approximately 31"inches in diameter. This is the ideal size for many rooms and with a variety of color choices available can be an excellent choice for any decor style.

Whatever color or size you choose, we are sure it will be a great addition to your interior design project.