Yellow - Black Multicolor Juju Hat - Large

Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $224.99
Approx 27" Diameter

Black and yellow feathers intertwine to give this 30 inch diameter Juju hat its unique animal print style. The mix of colors makes it a perfect choice for any decor, whether it serves as a focal point in a sleek modern room with white walls or as part of a traditional decor with more muted tones.

The black and yellow coloring of this Juju hat recalls the fur of a leopard or cheetah, instantly bringing your room to the beauty of wildlife. This makes it the perfect choice of Juju hat to place alongside other art, or as part of a themed decor.

However, it is also a fantastic piece in a modern room, offering a textural beauty to a white or off-white wall. In this decor, you can use this multi color Juju hat to stand out as a focal piece. The mix of colors give it an eye catching quality you will love.

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