Brown Multicolor Juju Hat - Large

Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $224.99
Approx 31" Diameter

A mix of white and brown feathers, this natural multi color Juju hat is an excellent addition to any neutral color palette. The mix of feathers offers plenty of natural variation, with the darker browns gently mixing with the white and off-white feathers. The result is a soft piece that draws you into the textural elements of it.

For rustic interior design, whether drawing on a Western theme or an Ethnic style, this Juju hat will be an excellent centerpiece. The softness of the feathers and their coloring will make it almost impossible to resist. When hung as part of a minimalist neutral decor, it can be used to offset the angularity of a room.

Of course, it can also be an excellent choice to make a more vibrant wall seem grounded. When placed against a darker or more striking color, the tonal style of this 31 inch diameter Juju hat can be warming and soothing

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