Pink Fuchsia - White Multicolor Juju Hat - Large

Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $224.99
Approx 31" Diameter

One of the reasons this Juju hat is so popular is its floral style. With a mix of bright fuchsia and white feathers, the look of this 30 inch diameter Juju hat is spectacular. It calls to mind the big, beautiful blooms of a dahlia. Because of this, it gives any room a springlike feel year round.

The natural variations in colors and the feathers' textures make it a very interesting piece, and ensures that every Juju hat is unique. The mix of fuchsia and white gives you the look of a flower that never wilts. It is something that you can enjoy every day, whatever the weather. It also brightens up the decor of any room, offering a splash of color that can be the focal point of your decor.

The two tone style of this Juju hat also makes it work perfectly on its own or alongside other decor, including other Juju hats.

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